Author: Marcia Chaplin

2022 Southeastern Region Federation Weekend

2022 Southeastern Region Federation Weekend
Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina

The 2022 Southeastern Region Federation Weekend was held July 7 & 8 in the campus of Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina. The College was the host of Eastern Music Festival Summer Camp and the members of the Southeastern Region were delighted to be part of the activities for a few days. It is always remarkable to hear the talent of students from all over the world perform and know that they are spending their summer days rehearsing not because it is easy, not because the heat and humidity make performances comfortable, not because all their friends are attending the same camp. These students are here because they have the drive and motivation to reach further into their musical talents to find the beauty, grace and emotion that is within all music. These talents were certainly obvious during the two performances we were invited to attend.

The members enjoyed the graciousness of North Carolina, our host state. Joel Adams and William Carroll made sure everyone was comfortable with all events running smoothly. We were fortunate to hear the performance of cellist, Dafne Delgado winner of NCFMC $1400 scholarship to Eastern Music Festival and pianist, Robiyakhon Akramova. Chris Williams, President and CEO of The Eastern Music Festival, welcomed the group to the campus, and gave information about the camp. This year is the welcomed return after a two year absence, with 247 enrolled from 41 states and 9 countries.

Saturday morning’s meeting was productive with many ideas to present to the attendees of the Regional Luncheon in Norfolk (2023). NFMC President Deborah Freeman was our National Guest and welcomed members during the Friday night banquet. The 2023 Southeastern Region Federation Weekend will be hosted by Louisiana and will take place in Brevard, North Carolina July 7,8. Looking forward to another wonderful year of music.