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Brevard Weekend 2019

2019 Brevard Weekend

If you missed the weekend at Brevard, you sure missed a good time! We had a lovely lunch and productive meeting. We had the pleasure of listening to the Rose Thomas Smith, Beth McAuley and Lucille Parrish Ward award winners. Some of us attended the Porter Center for Romeo Et Julliette and then back to the BMC for Copland in Mexico for an insightful concert.

Parker Concert Hall, opening June 2020 will be BMC’s first year-round performance venue and multi-purpose event space.

For more information on the Parker Concert Hall check out this Press Release.

Brevard’s white squirrels

Some people who have not seen the little critters running around the city don’t even believe they exist. But despite their unverifiable origins, the white squirrels of Brevard are all too real. We saw one!!!